What Grinds My Gears: Tidy up the Townhouses


It’s a typical Sunday morning for a senior living in the townhouses. You and your roommates wake up hungry and too tired to actually cook anything. The decision is to make your way to Dunkin’ Donuts, but on your way out the door something stops you: the incredible amount of trash in the bushes and on the ground right outside of your house. Despite the dumpsters and trash bins in front of almost every single house, the ground is covered in remnants from the night before.

Nights at the townhouses can become crazy and overcrowded instantly, and that is when it all starts. Finding a trash barrel or a dumpster to throw an empty beer can in, for the most part, requires too much effort. Instead, it is easier to just throw it on the ground right next to you or in the bushes in front of a “random” house. It doesn’t matter if anyone sees you do it because everyone else is doing it too, right? Wrong.

There are trash barrels and dumpsters almost every twenty feet at the townhouses, and it should come as a natural reflex to throw your trash in them. You don’t throw your left-over food on the floor of Salmo or your trash on the floors of the Unistructure or on the walkways to class, so why should the townhouses be treated any differently? The majority of the people out at the townhouses on the weekends are actively drinking and may not be in the right state of mind, but that is no excuse. The townhouses are the homes of the students living in them and there is no excuse to trash a person’s home.

At Bryant we have dedicated facilities workers that have more important problems to deal with on Monday mornings than picking up empty beer cans off the ground. This is why, as the students responsible for making the mess, we need to be the ones to clean it up. Some groups on campus have started to take initiative to alleviate the problem. A few weekends back my roommates and I saw a group of male students picking up the trash in the front and back of the H-block townhouses. When we asked why they were picking up all of the trash they said that they were first year students rushing for the Sigma Chi Fraternity and that was one of their responsibilities. Although this is a great idea, doing it for one weekend is not enough.

It would be inspiring if more clubs and organizations on campus would create their own ways to help with this issue. It would not take much time out of the day, an hour at most, and the simple act would not only benefit the residents of the townhouses, but the entire campus. There are three reasons why organizations should start helping out. First, it would be a new way for the clubs and organizations to give back to the Bryant community. Second, it is the responsibility of every student that spends their nights at the townhouses to clean up the mess they make. Finally, if more students, specifically the ones who don’t currently live at the townhouses, could see the immense amount of trash that is a product of the weekends, maybe it would help to lessen the problem.

As an underclassmen living in the residence halls and dorms this issue probably doesn’t bother you much, but it should. Although you don’t currently live in a townhouse, you will eventually, and then you will be the one frustrated at the sight and smell of the trash lingering right outside your doorstep. If everyone on campus becomes more aware of this issue then changes can be made to help solve the problem. In addition, it is important to be considerate of the people living in the townhouses; after all they are their homes. Start taking action now, and little by little as a Bryant community, we can improve the quality of our campus.