What Grinds My Gears: Freshman at Rentes


Turning 21 is one of the last milestone birthdays (besides 25 and renting a car) that we get to celebrate. Why rush it? Why is there an emphasis on getting fake IDs to get into bars and clubs as college freshmen and sophomores when you live on a WET campus? My point…What has been grinding my gears since we returned from Winter Break? FRESHMEN AT RENTES. First of all, how are freshmen even getting into Rentes?! You’re telling me that 18 year olds look, at the minimum, 21 or 22 years old?

For those of us who actually waited until we were 21 to go out to Rentes for TNR, having freshmen take our booths and our popcorn is so infuriating. To freshmen: know your place, wait your turn, and I hope to NOT see you at Rentes this week. Thank you.