Third time is not the charm


Taken 3 came out this past weekend, and maybe it should have just stayed in production for a while.  This was easily the most disappointing film of the three part series.  It did not have the same action and powerful vibe that the previous two movies had.

Third films in a series are almost expected to be poor, because it is nearly impossible to entertain an audience to the same level that the previous movies did.  Some examples of third installments that weren’t well received include: D3 Mighty Ducks, American Wedding, and most recently the Hangover Part III.  These movies did their best to capture patrons, but ultimately they were just another victim to poor reviews and showings at the box office.

In Taken 3 Liam Neeson returns as Bryan Mills, a man who is trying to re-kindle a flame he once had with his ex-wife.  However, she is brutally murdered early in the film.  Mills is viciously framed and must go on the run to avoid the authorities, which include the CIA, FBI, and police.  Mills must desperately go on the hunt for his ex-wife’s killers.  He must also be sure to protect his daughter, who always seems to be in a bit of trouble.

Many critics and I agree on the fact that the action scenes in this movie were not on par with the previous two movies in the trilogy.  This is a very difficult task considering Taken 2 was largely considered mediocre.  When I was told that there was going to be a Taken 3 I really hoped that it could at least beat out Taken 2.  It didn’t.  Randy Cordova of the Arizona Republic said “Even the action scenes, which are often filmed in a jittery fashion, don’t generate thrills.”

The most disappointing part of this whole movie without a doubt is the fact that Mills is not trying to get something back.  In the other two he was trying to get something back and did everything in his power to get it.  It is incredibly sad that he can’t get back together with his wife, but it also seems to go against the whole premise of this trilogy.  It was very enjoyable to watch Mills chase his kidnappers and criminals, however in this movie it is Mills that is being chased.

I understand that third movies must spice or change things up in order to keep the audience’s attention, however I dislike the complete change in blueprint that Taken 3 goes through.  This movie was a stretch from the beginning and even seemed mundane at times, a far cry from the original.  I hope movie directors who have aspirations of making trilogies read up on the reviews of Taken 3.  Maybe then they’ll realize that trilogies are almost impossible to pull off.

On a side note I would like to announce that I will be continuing my regular Patriots column next week and will be announcing my Patriots defensive award winners.  Be sure to stay tuned and as always thanks for reading!