The warrior king against ISIS


Coming from Jordan to live in Rhode Island, it is beyond difficult to sit back and watch the turmoil that afflicts the Middle East. The emergence and expansion of ISIS has harmfully impacted the souls and spirits of those being targeted by this extremist group. The world’s media has recently exposed the fate of a Jordanian pilot, Muath Al Kassasbeh, who was burned alive by ISIS; an inhumane and non-Muslim act that was intended to be punishment because of Jordan’s alliance with the coalition against ISIS.

This tragedy infuriated the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and our King, Abdullah II, decided to fight back. He announced that Muath’s death will not be in vain and that the Jordanian Air Force will be targeting ISIS territory, particularly their headquarters in Syria. Over the past few days Jordanian air strikes have, on estimate, destroyed 20 percent of the group’s capabilities as well as 56 targets of gravity. Aside from avenging Muath’s murder, the King of Jordan is also determined to protect the Muslim faith, as well as the values and human principles that come with it.

As a Muslim and a Jordanian citizen, I think his reaction is nothing less than realistic. Yes, I may be biased due to my nationality and religion. However; it is important to emphasize how inaccurately the media portrays being Muslim. Extremist groups, like ISIS, terrorize and torture in the name of Allah and Islam. King Abdullah II, a true Muslim, is fighting against this group with the intention of protecting and maintaining the Muslim faith. Nowhere in the Muslim religion does it state that brutally murdering civilians is acceptable, and the world needs to understand that.

I am writing about this particular event because it has taken a toll on every Jordanian citizen, Muslim or not. This event has been a basis of unity among the people of Jordan. As in any nation, Jordan had its fair share of citizens that did not agree with nor likeKing Abdullah II; however the people of Jordan side with the King’s decision and support him 100 percent. King Abdullah II also has the support of other leaders in the region along with that of Barak Obama.

Some may see his actions as dangerous and risky, and while this is true, Jordan is known to have the best army in the Middle East, as well as the third best Secret Service in the world. King Abdullah II would not have made a decision so bold and threatening if he was not more than confident that the Jordanian Army can protect the nation, and more importantly, its people. My opinion on the situation is simple; I trust my King, I have faith in Allah, and I truly believe that good will overcome evil. As for the image of Islam and what it stands for, I think that people are going to think what they want no matter what the truth may be, and that not only saddens me, but it does an injustice to a religion that is truly pure and peaceful at the core.

I have always been proud to be a Muslim, and it goes without saying that I am proud to be Jordanian.