The addiction of smartphones


Addiction always has a negative connotation to it; everyone automatically thinking of something illegal and fatal. But could something as simple and small, or large, as your smartphone be an addiction?

To most of you your first reaction will probably be, “absolutely not!” But lets be real, can you go five minutes without as much as looking at your phone? The first step in stopping an addiction is realizing you have an addiction and accepting it, but no one will really admit to be addicted to their smartphone. But how can no one be addicted to it really, your entire life is kept a balanced within a sleek aluminum rectangle with a 4.7” touchscreen with a shiny Apple logo on the back.

In todays world though, the first thing you check in the morning is your phone. You check the time; hit the snooze alarm at least five times because you do not want to go to your first class. You also check all of your social media notifications and all, or none, of the texts you missed while you were asleep. You play music on your phone while you are in the shower and brush your teeth. You check up on the current newsfeeds on your walk to class and see what you missed in your social circles.

Now, after reading that you are probably agreeing to half of that, and you are realizing you may in fact have a problem with being addicted to your phone. Most people, as soon as they aren’t occupied with something automatically take their phone out and start playing the latest game, or send out a tweet about the mocha Frappuccino they just ordered, or send a snapchat of the snow that is taller than them next to their car. Smartphones have become such a pivotal part of everyday life, its gone way over borderline addiction.

Now you’re probably freaking out and wanting to throw your phone out a window because you’re afraid you’re going to get some new born problem from you’re newly found addiction, but in reality, most people simply overuse their smartphones; only a small percentile are truly addicted.

But why have people become so addicted to these relatively new inventions? Most people just find it as an easy way out of what they are doing. Meaning, if you do not want to talk to someone, all you have to do is look at the palm of your hand and you do not have to anymore; you now have something to distract you. But in reality this is not a good habit to allow yourself to do on a regular basis. Yes it is wonderful in the awkward event your ex is in line behind you for coffee, or that really annoying kid from class who always asks for your notes is walking towards you, but in everyday conversation it is not good. In class you start to zone out, you automatically tap your home screen and start scrolling through twitter and Facebook to get away from the accounting you are forced to take. Then what only felt like three retweets and two likes, turns into twenty minutes of class during which you lost half your notes.

Everyone is becoming too attached to their phones. You know you have a problem when you check your phone for the temperature instead of actually going outside. Or you need to carry a charger around with you like it’s your life line and you find yourself performing some sort of yoga pose contorting your body to reach the ever-so short cord to your phone.

Granted, I do love my phone myself, and I probably could not go more than a week without it (lets be real, two days max, but I do notice that I have a problem. Smartphones have given us so much; the ability to have more information than the richest billionaires had access to a hundred years ago at your fingertips, and lightning fast communication with people around the world. But sometimes everyone should just put their phone on silent and have a conversation without checking the buzz coming from their pocket.