Students discuss new start-up: Part 1


Molly: Can you tell a little about the mission of CVC?

Dayo Owoyemi: Sure, the mission of Career Vision Collegiates or CV Collegiates is to improve the awareness of college students of their fields and in the world by organizing pertinent information and making it easily accessible. To talk a bit more about the mission we are really making relevant information that is already out there easily accessible to collegiates in order to create diverse and globally aware individuals for tomorrow so they will leave their impact on the world. We personally believe every collegiate should be aware and should be apprised about what’s happening around them. If you don’t know what’s happening around you or do not have the skills that would allow you to flourish in the workplace how can one expect to be impactful? We believe school is great but there is just some information or some skills you cannot acquire in a classroom that are necessities to success in a career. CV Collegiates is here to fill that gap.

To that extent we have created an e-magazine that can be accessed right now on The e-magazine contains vital information around Career Insight, Skill Development, Global Trends, Industry News, Society and Culture, and Bryant News, and is published on a weekly basis. The areas we have focused on are the areas that will contribute the most towards the awareness and preparation of college students and will enable us to add value in their profession and in the world.

Molly: What was the motivation behind starting CVC?

Richard Aduhene: Personally I have always had an interest in doing my part to make the world a better place. I always envisioned myself doing this through business and hence decided to go to Bryant. I realized that to do that I would have to literally know the world around me. So I began to read a lot. I’ll spend hours and hours reading a lot of business books and articles as a way to remain adept and knowledgeable in a constantly changing world. After a while I began to notice that the way I could interact with people in the working world really surprised them. I mean I never really saw myself as smart so why were business executives surprised. I began to realize unconsciously I had become so well read that I had gained an edge that I would have never gained in a classroom. I want to be able to provide a platform through which fellow students can also easily receive the benefits for their careers that I believe I was able to gain through reading articles on a constant basis. I want each and every student in the world to be able to engage with professionals on an intellectual level just because they have become aware. The benefits are tremendous to the future of our society.

Dayo: Like Richard, I too spend quite a bit of my idle time reading articles on Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal; Yahoo news is my favorite.

I began working on this project because I have experienced firsthand how being in the know translates to tremendous success and how frustrating it often is to find the information that you really need.

In an interview with Google last November, I was asked “How many hours will Americans spend on their smart phones today?”… I took a deep breath. I wanted to blurt out some random number but I didn’t. Questions like this demand a holistic answer that’s more about your thought process than accuracy. So I began. I talked about technology as a global trend; I talked about the percentage of Americans that use smart phones; I talked about the breakdown in the age demographic in the US; How many different hours different age demographics spend on their smartphones (which I had read about two days before my interview). I did some math and arrived at 705,000 hours.

I was wrong. But in that moment everything I had read relative to Google, the world, answering crazy interview questions, played a role. And I also knew that the interviewer recognized that I was aware of what was happening in the world, and how that relates to the question. This summer, I will be an Account Strategist intern at Google.

Now often times when we try to find information related to our field we come across so much irrelevant saturated information that distracts us, discourages us and leave us frustrated. It’s unfair really. The process has got to be made easier. So I decided to commit myself to simplifying that process and help all college students accomplish so much more with our understanding of what is happening around us.

I have cultivated a habit of seeking out what is happening in the world. You talk about how chocolates were more expensive this Valentine’s Day and I can tell you about the growing appetite for chocolate in China and other Asian countries, which has caused the price of cocoa to rise dramatically over the past year. The human mind always seeks to form associations between things to understand them more. So really CV Collegiates is helping you to engage with your peers, students, professionals, and the world, in a more meaningful way.

You stand out to recruiters and professionals when you include some insight about what is happening in the world or in that company’s industry or what you saw in the news that affects that company, in your spiel. You add that to being hardworking, and following up, and I can tell you, you’ve got a pretty amazing cv for the job.

And most of us have big dreams of impacting the world. But the first step to impacting the world is understanding it. Without understanding it you can’t really change much.