Students discuss new start-up: Part 2


Molly: How do your personal backgrounds give you an advantage to this project?

Richard: Being an individual who is well versed on his global surrounding and my career of choice I want to find a way to share this relevant information to the world. The information that might make someone get that job or get that promotion over another person is out there. When people receive this information they are able to impact the world and communicate on a level that makes them seem superior to their co-workers. I want to be able to share and provide this information to our demographic in a user-friendly way.

Dayo: I think the biggest advantage we have is being students. As students we know what other students need and the constraints, thoughts, and concerns we have that may be difficult for an individual that is not a student to understand. Also as students, it is very easy for us to receive genuine feedback, which we ask for very often, especially from our most critical friends.

Also, I have a vast and diverse professional experience gives us an advantage on this project. I interned at PwC for two summers, I was a Finance intern at a Soap company in Warwick, RI last winter, and did consulting for a non-profit organization in RI called Young Voices last winter as well. My exposure to real world problems and professionals helps me understand what is really needed to stand out, land the job, and make an impact. And I believe that with this extensive professional experience that we have and growing network of professionals supporting us, we can help all college students achieve their career goals.

Molly: What do you hope to achieve with CV Collegiates on Bryant’s campus?

Dayo & Richard: We hope to be able to leave a large impact on Bryant University’s campus. In the sense that every single student is knowledgeable and aware about what is going on around them in order to succeed in their career field, be it an entrepreneur or an artist.

We are extremely appreciative of the support from faculty, students, and staff here at Bryant that have gotten a chance to hear about our project. We hope to see their continued support. As we work continuously towards make this a success, we hope to see CV Collegiates integrated within our student body. We see this as a way to improve our community and bring Bryant closer to achieving its goals for its students. We see this as a way to really improve Bryant’s brand as students would show more promise to the world than there has ever been.

Molly: Where do you see the future of CV Collegiates going?

In the future we hope to see CV Collegiates be the primary source of insight for career preparation and development for all students. We hope to have created something that is adopted by all universities in the United States. We hope to expand and create a whole new generation of collegiates that are fully equipped and ready to add value to the world. Every single collegiate will be well versed and so therefore all the complaints about how most students are not ready for the workforce or how many students are not getting jobs will cease. We want to be the reason employment will increase for recent graduates all over the world.