Pi Sigma Epsilon takes Houston!


The Pi Sigma Epsilon chapter went to Houston, Texas this past week to attend their National Conference. They competed in various competitions throughout the week including: a recruitment fair challenge, Top Silver presentation, case study competition, and a sales competition. They competed against the top business students in the nation, and came home with a first place trophy in the recruitment fair challenge.

They came out on top by presenting a comprehensive recruitment strategy that consisted of selling their chapter in a James Bond themed presentation.  Throughout the week the chapter also attended general sessions that were focused on professional development, and even held their own general session where they gave advice to smaller chapters on how to grow their membership.

The Bryant Chapter was a finalist for the William H. Harris Top Silver Chapter award. Top Silver standing is a prestigious level of achievement. Chapters work hard throughout the year to reach accreditation standards in order to attain this level of prestige. The presentation consisted of the students bringing together all of the accomplishments they made while following a strict guideline. They then made this presentation to a panel of judges that consisted of corporate sponsors from various companies.

The Pro-Am Sales competition was held on Friday the 17th. The students were tasked with the challenge to sell CUTCO Knives to a Texas meat manufacturing company called Northbourne Foods. The students were given a prompt with information, and were able to be matched up with corporate sponsors to have one-on-one coaching sessions with them before the competition. After the event there was a networking reception where the students that competed were able to speak with the companies that were corporate sponsors. The corporate sponsors were very impressed with the students and the competition.

The case competition was also another challenging competition that the Bryant student’s participated in. They were given a case on Thursday the 16th, and were given 24 hours to come up with a comprehensive analysis of the case and a recommendation of the case, and then present this to a panel of judges. The case that the students were given involved Pepsi Canada and their Ultimate Taste Challenge. Pepsi was given a recommendation by a consultant in order to showcase this challenge successfully, and the students were supposed to research this and advise them whether or not the plan would work. The prompt said the consultant recommended that they set up a virtual tasting between Pepsi and Coke. The Bryant students did not look at this as effective and instead recommended that they set up a music festival with some of the music artists that have previously worked with Pepsi. They received great feedback from the judges for this creative approach.
The conference gave the students a chance to attend presentations by corporate sponsors, who dedicated their time to the well-being of the organization. Corporate sponsor Ed Albertson presented on his experiences as a Partner for Carew International and how the sales profession has changed in the modern age. The Founder of the Tom James Company, Spencer Hays, also spoke at the convention on his experiences at Tom James.

With the guidance of their alumni advisor, Brian Andersen, Bryant’s Pi Sigma Epsilon chapter was able to make an impact in the competition. Their alumni advisor was able to lead them to being successful in these competitions and gave them advice for their professional careers. Brian Andersen was rewarded for all of his hard work and dedication to the Bryant Chapter by receiving the prestigious award of Top Alumni Advisor. The work of the Bryant Chapter, with the help of their advisor, did not go unnoticed. The name Bryant University will not be forgotten among the members of the conference.