Music Review: Feist – Metals (2011)


As my roommate Brian and my girlfriend Lisa will attest to, I don’t vary much in my music taste. It’s mostly rock and alternative rock, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Coldplay, etc. However, four years ago, I fell in love with the rather anti-rock, indie Feist in her first super-successful album, The Reminder, containing the extremely popular single 1,2,3,4. Her voice is flawless and almost floats, carrying itself in simple, honest lyrics.

Nevertheless, when her newest album Metals dropped, I simply had to download it from iTunes and listen in, and let me say, Feist does not disappoint. Once again her tones are flowing and beautiful, her lyrics are pure and honest. Metals is a success for sure, so I wanted to highlight what I think are the three best songs on the album and hope you’ll give them a listen!

The Good: Graveyard: This song is more melodically focused than lyrically focused, as we can hear her begin with a simple melody. There are just a few notes in repetition, reflecting on loss, when the song slowly complicates and builds complexity, becoming increasingly louder and more excited. The notes build on each other, complicating and enriching the song, until we virtually have an entire chorus joining Feist in the refrain. This is definitely one of the most positive and upbeat songs on loss I have ever heard.

The Better: Bittersweet Melodies: This song, about sadness and nostalgia, is a wonderful upbeat tune about how time passes and how the days of the past are long gone. She reflects on moments, pieces, and those little snapshots that stick out in one’s memory and she reflects on how she can’t move back, or move on, and instead spends her time thinking about those bittersweet melodies.

The Best: The Bad in Each Other: This song contains some amazing lyrics that are honest in so many ways. We’ve all had encounters where people bring out the worst in us, but Feist is able to melodically tell us about a sad love affair wherein the two parties bring out the worst in each other. She sings “When a good man and a good woman can’t find the beauty in each other, when…they bring out the worst in each other, the bad in each other…” which is so sadly true in many relationships. Not only are the lyrics beautiful, but the song is sweeping and fantastic. Check out this song for sure.

There you have it folks, check out Metals, by Feist, now available in the iTunes store. It’s a spectacular indie album!