Matt Kearney’s Just Kids will not age well


It has been about 3 years since Matt Kearney released his album Young Love. Two years prior we were blessed with City of Black & White and three years earlier came Nothing Left to Lose. I think Kearney’s lack of album consistency explains his apparent struggle to remain trendy and the singer to hear. This is not to say he has not created great work. City of Black & White was a beautiful album, full of honest lyrics and luscious instrumentals. Kearney is an artist, though I feel who gets tied into too much on albums sometimes, like when he raps, which cut his talents tremendously thin. JUST KIDS reflects Kearney’s most obvious weaknesses more than ever before.

The title track off this album, Just Kids, is the most genuine song on the album. The worst part though is how obvious that is throughout the album. The song is misplaced and sounds nothing like the rest of the project in truly any aspect, for the most part. This is the best way to explain the album. It is not a bad project; it makes good points at times and follows a solid wholesome concept. The album just does not have the heart or inspiration of any work Kearney has done before. JUST KIDS sounds more like what I would imagine Macklemore’s sophomore album to sound like than its own decisive piece of work in music history. This album definitely has some better songs though, more specifically, Let it Rain and Ghost which are more artistic and interesting. Overall, JUST KIDS does not do it for me and will not age well.

My Rating: light 5

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