Koffler Communications Complex constructs new talk show set

The new television studio in Koffler. (Katie Colton)
The new television studio in Koffler. (Katie Colton)

The Koffler Communications Complex has had quite a makeover this past week with the construction of a brand new talk show set in the TV Studio. The interview-style set is the first of three sets that will be installed this semester.

Designer and contractor Michael Nosel, Professors Tom Zammarelli and Tom Dooley, as well as Bryant’s Media Production Analyst, Dan Greene, and Bryant senior Katie Colton, have been working on the project since this past March.

After meeting with Nosel and coming up with a design and renderings, a proposal was constructed and taken to the Special Initiatives Committee, a committee at Bryant that funds one-time student proposals that benefit the University as a whole. The proposal was passed and the renderings began to come to fruition throughout the summer. The Talk Show Set installed last week features dark colors to warm up the atmosphere of the studio and give it a more modern look.

Over the course of the next three months, the remaining sets will be delivered and constructed by Nosel and his team. The next to be expected is the News Set, which will be installed over Thanksgiving break, followed by the Living Room Set to be installed over winter break.

The new sets are crucial to the expansion of Bryant’s Communication program and will provide an atmosphere that is suitable for producing tapes for portfolios.  They will give much more of a professional look to the productions at Bryant. “These new sets will allow students to create portfolio-quality work that they can take with them when they leave Bryant,” says Professor Zammarelli, “They will offer the Bryant community many more options to create programming and projects that will push their creativity.”

The new sets have in fact already created more options for creative programming, as seen with the coming of two new TV shows created by Bryant students this year: Nolan@Night and Bryant Sports Center.  Nolan@Night features sophomore Nolan Thompson, his sidekick “DJD” (Dylan Smith) and a variety of guests and performers. Its format is similar to a Conan O’Brien or David Letterman type of show.

Bryant Sports Center is currently being created by senior Kyle Taragowski, andwill provide an in-depth look at Bryant’s Varsity sports, featuring highlights from games and students on camera as analysts. In addition to these two new shows, the sets will also provide a new, fresh look for returning shows: Morning Delight and Bryant News Broadcast, as well as classes that take place in the TV Studio.

Nolan and his guest that week, Todd Sweart, on Nolan@Night. (Katie Colton)