Is Facebook drifting towards irrelevance?


I rarely ever use my Facebook account anymore. No, I take that back. I do use Facebook, but never do I chat, like photos, or upload content at all. My routine consists of checking my notifications, but only if someone within my immediate family has shared something. Then, maybe, I will creepily scan through a few photos of friends that have uploaded content. Lastly, once checking through recent photos has made me realize I have no life, I will glance at the trending column that Facebook provides with current news articles. I actually really like that about Facebook.

So, my hypothesis is that Facebook will be irrelevant by 2025! This irrational assumption is perfectly plausible. Think about the outlets of social media websites and apps that compete against Facebook. On top of that, think about how the functionality of those social media outlets has the potential and power to overtake the popularity of Facebook. There are so many to mention, which I think is one of the biggest reasons why Facebook will lose its value. One against many never ends in favor of the one. If we had to narrow down the ‘many’ to give a better comparison, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter, are emerging as social media giants, and have put the most stress on the Facebook team. However, Facebook isn’t going to crumble completely within the next decade; many emerging social media apps/sites have been bought out by Facebook, so their stake in the social media world will be around for the foreseeable future, but Facebook itself, as a functional site, will lose interest, value, and purpose for its users.

I have noticed this more and more recently, and as I find myself growing older, the more I realize I haven’t “needed” Facebook to network. This may not be the case for my readers, but I think it is safe to say the majority of students and adults near my age are veering away from heavy usage of Facebook and aren’t using it the way they might have done as young adults in high school. It is a little childish to be spending mass amounts of time on Facebook at the age of 21.