Grad school vs. working in the ‘real world’


The pressure put onto the undergraduate students to get a job now a days has grown tremendously. From the first day you step onto campus, that’s most peoples’ goal. The objectives along the way would include getting good grades, making connections amongst recruiters and people in the work force, along with networking among friends you make throughout your years at your university. While this is great and all, the idea of graduate school seems to never occur to some. The opportunity it offers is tremendous. Some use it as a way of playing a sport for another year. Others use it to help themselves stand out amidst the application pool for that once in a life time job. What’s great about the two options is regardless of the one you pick, you’re going to be more than satisfied.

First off, grad school allows you to study what you want to study further. Right there you should recognize the opportunity you are being given. They’re literally saying come earn a degree in the area that you excel in already. You apply your knowledge you’ve gained from the years you spent obtaining your Bachelor’s degree and perform at a high level. Next thing you know, not only have you made more relationships amongst your peers and educators, but you find yourself with another degree. This is another piece of paper you can add to the collection stating how intelligent you are. While this may or may not mean very little to the student, to an employer this looks tremendous. You’re highly skilled and educated in a specific field, making it known that you can perform tasks more efficiently and effectively than the other applicants lacking the degree you have.

While your friends may be in grad school spending more time with their noses in books, accumulating more debt to pay after they leave the education world, you’re out in the professional world working towards earning a salary and making a difference in whatever you do. Some people start off with a job, others look for careers. Either way, you are working. You have in terms of succeeding, “made it.” You have achieved the goal you set for yourself prior to embarking upon the journey of earning a Bachelor’s degree. While some may look at grad school and say it’s a waste of time, money, and effort you’ll find others who praise it in this economy.

This whole debate over whether grad school or working right after earning your Bachelor’s degree will forever linger on college campuses. Personally, there is no best option. Every individual has a different path. Maybe you receive your dream job straight out of college that you can’t turn down and accept it right away. Others will find they didn’t receive any offers that they were interested in and continue on to grad school to improve their marketability in hopes of receiving better job offers once completed with graduate school. And then you’ll find people who accept the job offer, realize it was a bad choice, continue to work, and go to graduate school at night somewhere near their office. The best part is, the answer to the question of whether going to grad school or working right away is always going to be right, because every person is going to have a different answer.