Free time when playing a sport


Sports are a great opportunity to do something you love while clearing your mind of all outside thoughts and feelings. Being a division I athlete at Bryant University is not easy as you may know. There are many different time commitments that students must make in order to be considered an athlete. Outside of practice and games, there is class and homework for student athletes whereas being a non-athlete, there is only school and other related time commitments. Sports can take up the majority of your schedule and certainly limit free time. Athletes must be responsible to keep up with schoolwork as well as excel in their sport. As a result, we should give credit where it is due to student athletes who make it look easy.

Recently, junior hockey player Clayton Caron was asked a few questions about what he enjoys most about being a student athlete and what he wishes were different. “I really like being active and playing a sport that I’ve played my whole life. The time commitment can be a lot to handle at times though.” On the ice, Clayton is a force to be reckoned with. Outside of hockey, he enjoys spending time with his friends and keeping up with schoolwork. Surely, as an upperclassman, schoolwork can be more than enough at times to keep you busy. From school to sports, there isn’t much free time left over to relax. This goes to show the true value of time and how important time really is.

According to senior football player Gore Simervil, “I enjoy the camaraderie and seeing friends every day. Sports is a big commitment so you have to adjust to limited free time.” As he approaches graduation, Gore is known for his hard work on and off the field.. As a division I athlete, traveling has to be accounted for when talking about time commitment. Sometimes athletes are required to miss classes or be away from school on weekends to participate in their games. This is not easy, especially when as an upperclassman classes get tougher and homework increases. Division I athletes can spend up to 20 or more hours a week devoted to their sport while also maintaining good grades. Can you imagine if each student put forth that much extra effort into studying? Non-athlete students can easily argue the large amounts and the tiring length of some homework, whereas student athletes have to be responsible for schoolwork and the hours of dedication they put forth into their sport.

In summary, student athletes deserve to be recognized for their hard work and indomitable will to excel in school and sports. Sports are a big commitment and can surely take up the remainder of free time there is outside of school. According to the two examples previously stated, learning to adjust to limited free time is something student athletes have to be accustomed to. As non-athletes, the feeling of getting out of class and relaxing is remarkable whereas athletes have practice to attend. In conclusion, as a college student, time is very valuable and student athletes deserve greater recognition for the amount of hard work they present.