Five books to grab off the shelf

Argosy Bookstore, NYC (MCT Campus)
Argosy Bookstore, NYC (MCT Campus)

Love to read but don’t have time to search through the bookcases of Barnes & Noble for hours? Sadly many of us find ourselves in this position once the school year is in full swing.

If you’re looking to read something that’s a bit more interesting than that Management book collecting dust on the shelf, look no further! These books are top-sellers at bookstores nationwide and offer a good laugh and/or cry, unlike that business textbook.

1)  The Help

      By Kathryn Stockett

For the past few weeks people both young and old have been buzzing about this special read. The Help is worth your while. It tells the story of African American maids in the 1960’s working in the white upper-class households of Jackson, Mississippi. The book has spent over 100 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. It is advised to read this book before watching the motion picture adaptation.

2)  Heaven is for Real

     By Todd Burpo

This is the perfect read for a college student because it is a short read with uncomplicated language. It follows a four year old boy who had a near death experience in which he encountered angels. This book shares this little boy’s view on how heaven is for real.

3)  Fortunate Age

     By Joanna Smith Rakoff

Yet another great read for college students. This book is extremely relatable and tells the story of a group of college friends who move to NYC together and share the adventures of their changing lives.

4)  Unaccustomed Earth

      By Jhumpa Lahiri

This is a great book to pick off the shelf if you’re looking for something quick to read. This book is a collection of short stories written with a poetic and melancholy tone. This set of works follows Lahiri’s famous, Interpreter of Maladies compilation, for which she won a Pulitzer Prize.

5)  Seriously … I’m Kidding

     By Ellen DeGeneres

A fun and light hearted story about Ellen DeGeneres’ personal and professional life. Expect many laughs from this book as well as an interesting glimpse of the life and thoughts of author Ellen DeGeneres.