First-year Gateway Dean’s List


You made it through your first semester! You might have had to pull a few all-nighters to keep up with the unprecedented amount of work, and you might have had to ask someone how to find Salmo, but you did it! Surviving the transition from high school to college is hard enough and thriving through that transition is even more difficult. By making it onto the prestigious Bryant University Dean’s List during your first year, you did exactly that – you thrived! And that deserves a celebration!

As a member of the Bryant Dean’s List, you have created a strong foundation for your college education, and you have made an impression on the scholarly community. As defined in Bryant’s very own Professor Laurie Hazard’s book Foundations for Learning: Claiming Your Education, a scholarly community is “a group of people working toward intellectual pursuits.” But we must remember that membership into this community is not guaranteed by simply attending Bryant.

Joining the scholarly community is a difficult task. To be considered a peer among the scholarly community, you must claim responsibility for your education, you must become an active learner, and you must possess intellectual curiosity. Doing well at the college level requires hard work and motivation. Instead of passively consuming the minimum information provided, true university scholars seeks to learn more. They research, attend office hours, and they collaborate with peers.

The first semester of college is tough, even without the pressure of schoolwork. In a completely new element you are forced to make new friends, find your place on campus, and quickly understand how everything works. As you adjust to campus life, you must also quickly adjust to an entirely new level of academics. Suddenly, you are trying to understand syllabi, create your own schedule, and work with others.

Quickly, you realize that college work is very different from what you did in high school. You’re expected to read 50 pages in one night of a book you had to pay for, just for one class? And those reading assignments become a lot more involved than simply skimming the chapter until you happen upon some key words. You soon learn that in college you are entirely responsible for your success. There is a lot of self-learning, and there is a lot of work that happens outside of the classroom.

By achieving the Dean’s List during your first semester, you have taken a grand step toward joining the scholarly community. As a member of this distinguished group, you have proven that you are in charge of your academic success and you are capable of thriving. With this recognition you are able to stand out as one of the best at an institution that is one of the best!

Congratulations on this excellent achievement! To celebrate this accomplishment, be sure to attend the Eighth Annual First-Year Gateway Dean’s List Reception on March 18, 2015. Keep an eye out for registration; this is your one and only chance to celebrate as a first-year Dean’s List recipient, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the honor.