Fashion tips for the guys: Fall 2011

Skinny ties and plaid fashion (MCT Campus)
Skinny ties and plaid fashion (MCT Campus)

No guys, workout shorts with a Bryant sweatshirt does not constitute ‘Fall fashion.’ Obviously, on this campus, the fall seems to bring about an abundance of black and gold-colored outfits that do the job of keeping you warm, but kind of get low grades when it comes to style.

This fall, look your best with some of the latest fashions – who knows, your appearance may score you a job interview, an Archway photo, or even a date! I don’t claim to be an  expert on any of this, but after looking into it, I’m inspired, and I hope you will be too. Here are some tips—courtesy of GQ—that will flaunt your style without breaking your wallet!

Plaid is in.

Honestly, you won’t look like a 19th-century Scotsman with plaid accenting your wardrobe. Shirts are common, but this fall we are seeing the plaid influence spill over into every article of clothing, including hats and ties. Grab a solid-color, collared shirt and throw in a plaid tie to show that you take your looks seriously.


Also known as the “Steve Jobs look” or the “seriously, you’re kidding?” Turtlenecks are becoming more and more stylish this season. Ralph Lauren has an impressive collection and similar pieces are helping the turtleneck fad skew younger and younger.

It is now rearing its head amongst us college guys. Warm, comfy, and more flattering than you remember, you’ll find that 2011 really is rocking the style you thought was silly.

Loafers will get you from place to place.

Comfortable, stylish, and reasonably priced, you will get a lot of use out of a good pair of loafers. Sneakers are good for running and getting from place to place, but loafers will show that you mean business, even on a casual day.

Pair them with your favorite pair of Dockers (also very much in style today), and you’ve got a winning combination. The solid color goes with any outfit, and these shoes help demonstrate your outfit’s  professionalism without  making you look overdressed for the occasion.

Cardigans keep you warm and elevate your look.

A few good cardigans to add to your wardrobe will give you endless possibilities of clothing combinations. Light, stylish, and easy to pull off with a   variety of colors, cardigans shouldn’t be taken for granted. Right now, horizontal stripes are what everyone is wearing, and you’ll be surprised how many outfits can be made when you pair a cardigan with your other clothing items.

Keep it skinny.

Right now, all the cool guys are rocking the skinny belts and skinny ties. Once again, the belts go with any outfit, and the ties can be worn professionally or casually. Accessorize your outfit with a sleek, skinny piece that compliments your look as a whole, and you’ll see the compliments rolling in.

Get a haircut.

Honestly, if you are still sporting the faux-hawk or the bed-head look, it’s time to rethink it. Fall is the best time to change up your look, so ask the hairdresser what sort of look is best for you. Hairstyles for guys are becoming neater and neater, so it’s time to get up out of your high school rut and show you mean business with your ‘do.