Fashion tips for the gals: Fall 2011

Polka Dot Fashion (MCT Campus)
Polka Dot Fashion (MCT Campus)

Many claim that fall is their favorite season of the year as it offers cooler and dryer air, while still maintaining a warm sunshine. Fall is a fun season for fashion since you can wear just about anything with the temperature being appropriate for sandals or boots, a blazer or a t-shirt, and jeans or a dress.

Fall can get tricky at times, however, with temperatures starting around 40 degrees when you leave your dorm room in the morning then rising to around 70 degrees by lunch time.

As a result, the key to fun and fashionable fall dress is to wear layers. And since Smithfield appears to be a bit rainier than most areas of the country, cute rain gear is a must!

For looks that are functional, fashionable, comfortable, and fun; mix and match the following essentials this fall.

Flannel button-ups

They look great on their own, but are also cute with a sweater on those chilly mornings. Pair them with skinny jeans or leggings and a tall pair of boots and you’re set to go with an outfit that is easy and sophisticated.

Corduroy pants (in color!)      

Keep an eye out for dark blue, forest green, brown, and grey corduroy pants, which have become a huge hit this season. Warmer than jeans, corduroys are fun to wear and look great with a pair of flats.

Polka-dots & stripes

Both are finding their way back into the fashion books this fall. From long sleeved T’s to cardigans, stripes look great with a dark wash pair of jeans.

Polka dot sweaters and dot-studded tights have become favorable pieces as well. The tights offer a little glitz for those nights out and can serve to accessorize your look.


They are an absolute must have for the fall and perfect for the fluctuating temperatures. Look for scarves that come in warm, natural colors. They add a nice finishing touch to any outfit and are easy enough to stash away as the day heats up.

Summer dresses

Don’t send them back home just yet. If you have any summer dresses that are neutral in color, try pairing them with some tall leather boots and a warm cardigan. A thin belt around the waist adds a nice touch to the look.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Just like with any season, a boring outfit can become a lot more fun with a splash of jewels. From bangles to big-faced watches, there are plenty of accessories available this season that can help you personalize your style.