Falling autumn leaves

Fall foliage (Aaron Diamond)

Fall foliage (Aaron Diamond)
“The falling leaves drift by the window, The autumn leaves of red and gold”

It’s that time of year again. A chill is in the air, the geese are flying south, and everyone is donning warmer clothes; looks like fall is upon us. What’s more characteristic of autumn than the colorful leaves? All over campus, the trees are starting to change into beautiful bouquets of red, orange, and yellow.

The beginning of fall is actually a big occasion for some people. New England is famous for autumn leaves. The colors of the leaves here are more distinct than other areas of the country. In fact, there are numerous tours just for seeing the fall foliage.

People travel to New England from all over for the sights of autumn. Where are the best places to see such magnificent vegetation? Right in your backyard of course!

The Bryant University campus is beautiful. When the leaves start to turn, the beauty only increases. Next time you walk to class, take a second to look around. One of the best sights is late in the evening as the sun is setting behind Koffler and the light is bouncing off the pond filled with the reflections of the golden trees and weeping willows. Even as the leaves start to fall and cover the ground, the campus never loses its magnificence.

Part of the reason this campus is always gorgeous is the grounds crew. They take care of Bryant property so well, and I thank them.

There is more to see if you take a short stroll behind the Unistructure. Usually the home of cross-country runners, Bryant has numerous trails winding throughout the back woods. These trails allow for great views of the turning leaves and even local wildlife.

Want more luscious fall foliage? Don’t go far; take a short drive around the Smithfield area. By taking a right out of Bryant, a right onto George Washington Highway, a left onto Farnum Pike, and another right onto Pleasant View Avenue you will pass the Stillwater Reservoir. The water is perfectly still (as the name implies) and it’s surrounded by beautiful trees. All around the Smithfield area there are plenty of amazing autumn sights.

Feeling adventurous? Why not take a drive up to New Hampshire or Vermont. This is where the greatest array of colorful leaves live. There are mountain roads that will give you great views above the trees. Up there the air is crisp and refreshing. Down in the valley you will be driving through tunnels of red and yellow trees. As the cars drive by, the leaves blow around and create paths on the roads.

New Hampshire or Vermont during the peak of fall are truly stunning and among my personal favorite places for a drive. If you don’t want to go that far, northern Connecticut or Southern Massachusetts have great views. The roads and scenery are not at dramatic but there are plenty of photo opportunities.

Fall is one of the most amazing times of the year in New England. When the sun is out, the air is cool, and a couple of clouds dot the sky, it is the perfect time to throw on a sweater and relax. Pass the time by watching the leaves change from green to red and gold.

Go check out the best local places to see the foliage and try to make it up north to see the colors of autumn at their maximum. Before you know it, winter will be on your doorstep. Don’t miss out!

“When autumn leaves start to fall”

Fall foliage (Aaron Diamond)