Expanding the Bulldog gym for the greater good (and our sanity)


Busy, small, packed gyms are what we love to hate. Who likes waiting in line for someone to hop off the machine you have been looking at for ten minutes, hoping they would leave? No one enjoys patiently checking the clock as people continuously bump into each other trying to get by to grab some water. At the Chace Athletic Center upstairs gym, students know these feelings all too well.

Bryant University, over the past few years, has become an emerging super power in Division I sports. However it’s time we start thinking about changing the look of our gym to fit the look and mentality of being such a successful school in the world of sports.

Typically, if a Division I school is getting funded and supported then they turn that support into positive change around campus. Whether it be adding or altering the look of a building or new team uniforms, there is a difference in the school and all it contains.

Ask any student or anyone on the campus who goes to the gym and they will all agree that, although the equipment may be new, the gym is far from it. Everything, from only having one water fountain—with a filtration system that never seems to be fixed—to limited space between cardio and free weights, it is evident that change must come. Our school continues to grow and bring in more eager gym-goers day and night, yet the gym seems to have remained the same.

Upon talking to dozens of students on this topic, the general consensus seems to be that it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more machines all over the gym, however the real problem lies within the size of the gym itself. The fitness center is listed at 9,000 square feet which seems much bigger than it actually is. Those 9,000 square feet don‘t seem so big after putting hundreds of students, all ready to get fit and be healthy, in them.

Consider this: we all basically have the same class schedules. Some classes are early; some are late. Yet the bulk of all of our in-class scheduling is clumped into similar daytime hours. Therefore those of us that wish to hit the gym, find it packed with others with the exact same mindset—fit it in when I can. We are a community among ourselves. Unfortunately, we all function on the same clock. When we empty the classrooms, we fill the gyms. Logic states that we need more room for the masses to burn off steam.


Expansion is necessary. It would be ideal to be able to go to the gym at any time and not have to worry about how busy or how long the lines are at each machine. Now I am not saying that we need to put a wellness center in that takes up half of the campus but, for the time being, anything would be better than what we are dealing with right now.

The gym truly needs a gutting out and a new makeover, something more in keeping with the times. It is entirely possible that with a new look there could be a new audience that would partake in workouts, making the campus a much healthier place than other schools nationwide.

Now it is obvious that I cannot speak for my school as a whole here, but who wouldn’t want more room to move around, more places to fill up your water bottle, and more machines to get you closer to that summer body? This idea isn’t impossible and to be honest, the school could use an upgrade in this department.

The athletes at this school are given another choice as we have an athlete-only gym in the basement of the same building. But even that seems a little run down and not state of the art. All in all, I think a little change is all us Bulldogs really need.