Classified Ads



I am buying new heels! Size 9.5 in women’s or if you are into this—size 8.0 in mens. Moma has been walking too much and I new some new clickas’. Email:

Buying used Halloween Costumes. I need to start getting ready for next year. I will pay $5.00 per costume and will pay double if you Halloween costume was Holiday Themed, will pay triple if you won a contest while wearing it.

Any books used in LCS 151 or Microeconomics, I need to take the class next semester and will pay $80 for the books. I need to do grade replacement, I am a senior. Email:

Hot water! Need hot water to shower.  Feel like I haven’t showered in days. Sincerely, a dirty L-block resident


A big giant PoGo stick. I have been Po-Going all my life and my time is no longer enjoyable. I do not want to enjoy the stick anymore. If you want to bounce with my toys, get at me. Email

I am selling my roommate’s bed set. Recently we got into a large dispute and I would like her to know that she is longer welcome in my room. She makes her bed with a quilted comforter from her grandmother. I will give it to you for a whopping $1.00. Email:


Dear Kelly McDonough, Please continue leaving your Facebook up in the Archway office, it tempts me to write dirty things….. Love, Kelsey Nowak

Dear F^3 Consulting, Congratulations on #winning the Target Case competition. Your work paid off and you are top bulldog.

Pat Tat, the men in green stand behind you one hundred percent as we take the field Sunday. We go into battle prepared to get the victory in honor of your coming of age. Happy Birthday my dear boy and Godspeed. -General Rex Ryan

Happy 21st Birthday to Patrick Tartaro. Your stars have aligned and we will be burning a sacrificial lamb in your honor. -Zeus, Archimedes, Meredith, and Jackie

Patrick, my dear boy, we didn’t think you would make it this far. We are so proud of you. We hope you will survive long enough to read this section again next Friday. Make the Tartaro family proud with your actions on this fine day. -Big Steve