Battle of the Sexes: Do video games hurt or help relationships?


FIFA, Madden, NBA 2k13, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed are atop the video game lists in recent months. PS3, Play Station 3, and Xbox 360 are the two most commonly used game systems among avid gamers in today’s day and age. Although there are millions of gamers worldwide, to the people who don’t “game” the common question

is asked, is being a “gamer” worth it? The argument arises when you look at all the hours spent playing game after game, round after round, scoring point after point on these games versus what the non-gamers would consider being productive.

Exercising is a lost notion. Prior to all
of these video game systems, you would hear stories from elders about how they would play outside until the street lights would come on, at which time they would venture through the darkness to go home for dinner. These stories are becoming non- existent as the creation of video games has rocketed itself into one of the top hobbies of the 21st century. While some kids do still go outside and exercise with their friends, you are finding that more kids enjoy playing video games during the day and into the wee hours of the night. The more or less, unwanted, result of playing video games so often has caused the obesity rate to rise in recent years. This suggests the confirmation that being a “gamer” isn’t worth it.

While exercising is a concern, the ability for a “gamer” to socialize from the age of 12 all the way to the age of 35 is another reason why being a “gamer” may not be worth it. Kids ride the bus to school playing their portable video games, at recess they play these portable video games and proceed to play on their game consoles as they return home. There never seems to be a pause or break in the action. Interaction with outside life seems to be limited, if any at all. This is a problem as we try to promote our society and educate the young, hoping the next generation does something wonderful.

From the viewpoint of a “gamer”, playing video games for countless hours is entertaining and enjoyable. It brings about self-satisfaction, along with the ability to purge yourself of any stress related issues. Free expression on these video games allows you to speak freely, without being judged based on appearance or what clothes you wear. Competitions are held all over the world with prizes amounting to over $10,000.

There’s no correct answer to this question. That’s the best part. Athletes all around the world like to release some steam after a long hard practice or stressful week at school. To them it’s just a fun hobby to play with their friends and talk about the most recent topics relating to school or anything else value related. Take a look at your values. Is it worth it to you to let go
of a few hours a week to play a video game or are there other things that spending your time on would be more beneficial? At the end of the day, a few hours won’t kill you. It’s when you start to venture into the hundreds of hours played within a month, or when you accumulate multiple days played on just one video game alone, you need to ask yourself is this worth it? Am I receiving the benefits I deserve or desire? There’s a happy medium for every individual.