A technologically-based society


Our world has been transformed into a technologically-based society. At the very heart of this transformation is the one thing that keeps everyone interconnected: smartphones. Smartphones have become the central part of our lives and controls everything we do.  It is clearly evident that people are on their phones more frequently than ever before.  Anytime someone is relaxing or paused from what they are doing, they pull out their phone.  It has become an addiction due to the fact that people are so attached to their phones. As a smartphone user myself, I too am a part of this transformation to the overabundant reliance on technology and smartphones. For example, I am on my phone constantly and feel lost without it by my side.

Now that phones have everything you need on it, it has taken over people’s lives. Millions of Facebook users do not need to hassle to find the nearest computer to check the recent status updates of their friends. On the contrary, smartphones such as the iPhone enable users to login to Facebook via the Facebook application. A myriad of other apps allow smartphone users to play thousands of different game, check Twitter accounts, and even search for ta specific restaurant. All these applications allow people to be on their constantly and distracting them from the real world.  Smartphones have become an addiction that has controlled our attention from the people surrounding us. Instead of having random conversations with people around us, we on our phone either checking twitter Facebook, or any other application. Having those random conversations teaches people to become more social and learn to be open to others. Smartphones are keeping

When kids spend time with each other in today’s society, they are most likely to be on their phone the whole time and barely say two words to each other. Phones have become addicting in a way that it is hurting our social skills. Being overly consumed with technology has taken away from people’s capability to talk to each other face to face. People would rather send an email or text message instead of talking with someone in person. Being able to articulate thoughts and hold conversation in person is an important skill, especially when entering the business world or applying for jobs. On the contrary, the smartphone and technology makes kids want to have quick and rapid conversations.

Although our society is technologically-based, it thrives on people communicating in person and having the social skills to do business with others. However, smartphones distract our attention with others. Coupled with technology as well, smartphones also take away people’s ability of having quality conversations. Smartphones actively consume our lives and take our attention away from great things in life. Smartphones are a great invention that has changed our society forever, but it worries me how companies run through face to face communication.

Kids now want to text or message through applications on their smartphone rather than a phone call or a face to face conversation. I know texting is a much easier and quicker to contact, but it takes away from the feeling and emotion. In all, face to face coast is the best way to show you’re exactly how you feel. I know smartphones are not going away anytime soon, but we need to control our use of them.  Talking to people face to face is a great attribute to have, and you can learn so much from people as well. We need to make sure to not use our smartphones at specific times, and try to control our use of them. No one can make you stop using it, but it comes down to stopping your addiction with your phone. I am not saying for people to stop using their phones, but to make sure to control to a point were its holding you back from having a conversation with a person face to face.