A letter from Sigma Chi



     Throughout this year, we have been extremely proud of how the brothers of Sigma Chi have grown and become better men. We would like to take this time to share our experiences with you. Many have wondered what happens within Greek Life, so we wish to highlight some of our greatest accomplishments.

     Partnering with St. Baldrick’s,  we worked to increase awareness of childhood cancer within the Bryant Community. More than 20 brothers shaved their heads for the cause, and as a chapter we raised more than $3,300 to find a cure.

     We also ran a successful week of Derby Days, our national week-long philanthropy, in which the teams raised more than $7,000. In addition, we partnered with WJMF to host the first “Greek Hour” radio show and promote Greek Life. We also aided Relay for Life in acquiring additional donations to accommodate the Survivor Dinner. When in need, they turned to Sigma Chi and asked as many of us as possible to donate dining dollars to support the dinner. In a matter of hours, brothers had graciously donated more than $100. Aside from our philanthropic efforts, our contributions on behalf of the Bryant student body have been astounding.  Our own Paden Sadler spoke at the Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2017. Also, two of our freshman brothers were members of the presentation team of Enactus presenting at their national competition alongside three other brothers who were also members of the team that traveled and participated in the competition.

     Just this year alone, Sigma Chi brothers were involved in 4MILE, the club hockey team, the Bryant Senior Advisory Council, Mr. Bryant, the development project for the Fisher Student Center, the Honors Program, the Orientation Program, Residence Life, Relay for Life, the Special Olympics, Student Senate, WJFM, and about 30 more clubs and organizations. All of these involvements make us so proud of our brothers because they do not focus on one aspect of campus, but instead branch out to become more well-rounded leaders on campus. In the same respect that Bryant stresses the importance of both a dual focused curriculum, Sigma Chi stresses the importance of engaging in many aspects of campus in order to gain as many unique experiences as possible.

     We are sad to say we will be graduating 15 seniors this Spring. In the four years these seniors have been involved in Sigma Chi, they have given more than $25,000 to charity, donating more than 500 hours of community service. Furthermore, they have held some of the most prestigious positions on campus. They have been selected as the President of the Student Body, Head Center Manager in the Fisher Student Center, President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Co-Chair of the Student Arts and Speaker Series (SASS), Top Dog of Opening Weekend, Student Facilitators of Orientation, Student Coordinators of the Ambassador Program, a Head Resident Assistant, members of the Archway Fund, and so many more that make us so proud to call them brothers. We could do a paragraph about each of our graduating seniors, but we will save you the trouble.

     Based on the principles of Friendship, Justice, and Learning, our fraternity strives to instill values that will help establish men of good character. We believe that we exemplify these through our actions on and off campus.

     We understand this is not always seen and Greek Life often times comes with a various stigmas, but we are here to change that. We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to campus and explain all of the good that we do here at Bryant. We hang out with our friends, we go to campus events, and we are involved in clubs and organizations. The only difference is that we are bound by a purpose far greater than any one of our individual accomplishments.

Yours Truly,

Michael McGrail, Consul (President) & Brian Sears, Pro Consul (Vice President)