6thFan event brings out spirit of Bryant


When it comes to sports fans, the Bryant University student body certainly has some of the best throughout all of college sports. Over the last few months this became evident in the 6thFan contest in which the students voted against various other Division I schools to prove who has the best fan base. The strong push the students made here may have come as a surprise to competing schools, but to fellow Bulldogs it was all too ordinary.

To members of the Bryant community, the 6thFan event was an opportunity to show those larger schools that we have what it takes to keep up with them, and we were not going to go out without a fight. Making it into the sweet 16 was just a small sample of what the fans here at Bryant were capable of when they came together. The real challenge came in the elite 8 when we were matched up against Arkansas St., a larger school with more than double the students attending. Those schools who thought it was time for us to throw in the towel must have been shockingly surprised when they discovered the battle we put up. Even though we failed to advance past this round we proved something to schools across the country; we are here to play. If our efforts in this contest are any indication of how our sports teams perform then competitors will know that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.

The sports teams here at Bryant are up and coming within the Division I ranks with their recent move from DII. With each successive year it seems the teams are showing significant improvement. It is this continuous advancement that keeps the fans coming and engaged. There is never a game that the fans walk into doubting that the Bulldogs have a fighting chance. To the surprise of some, the size of our school may be another aspect that impacts the level of student involvement here at Bryant. With a campus enrollment of around 3500 students, it is not unusual for athletes to be familiar with a large majority of the students here. Unlike larger schools, the fans at our sporting events show up to games ready to support not only their team, but also their friends which makes it that much better being loud and taking part in the games.

It would be hard to find a university with a louder and more involved student body than the Bryant Bulldogs. It seems like every day the campus comes together to attend some sporting event whether it be packing the stands in the Bulldog Stadium or supporting from the bleachers in the Chace Center. No matter where the events are taking place, the dogs always know how to bring the noise. For any team unlucky enough to be scheduled to play here at Bryant, no matter how big or how elite, they better watch their step when you enter the doghouse because our bark is just as bad as our bite.

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