5 Survival Tips for Parents & Family Weekend


Parents and Family Weekend. It’s upon us already, and we all know what this weekend is going to bring. If you’re like me, you get really stressed and irritated that this weekend comes right in the swing of midterm season, but you’re still excited that your family wants to visit you! Hence, I want to give you 5 ways to survive and have the best weekend ever with those you love most.

1)  Introduce your friends to your parents! This is especially important if you live in a suite, because I know from experience that parents are really happy to meet the people you spend the most time with at college. If Mom and Dad haven’t met your roomies and some of your other closest friends yet, make it happen this weekend.

2)  Be patient! It’s been a long time since your parents were at college; so just be understanding when they want to see the library study rooms and the campus mailboxes. Sure, you may have a million things running through your head about more important things you could be doing and better ways to spend your time, but try to remember that your life here at college is important to your family. They want a taste of what college life is like (even the boring parts), so be sure to let them get it.

3)  Give a campus tour “in your shoes”! Obviously, Mom and Dad want to see what campus life is like, so why not personalize it a little bit and give them a “walk in your shoes” so they can understand a day in your life? Walk from your room to your classrooms to Salmo to the Bryant Center to show them what your typical day is like. Bonus: it will probably give your fam a clear picture of why your life sounds so fast-paced, busy, and sometimes stressful every time you call home.

4)  Take advantage of the fun events being offered! From the rubber duck race on the Bryant pond to the Bryant Players’ production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” there is a lot going on that your parents would love to take part in. Grab some festive food and head over to one of the events to spend quality time with family and friends courtesy of so many of our amazing student organizations. Visit CSI or the Bryant website to find out when exactly everything is being held.

5)  Spend some time off campus! There are a number of fun things to do around the area (see some other Archway articles for a bunch of great ideas), and if your parents are coming from far away, they may not be familiar with all that RI has to offer. Take advantage of the beautiful New England fall weather, and don’t just stay on campus for all three days. Getting out of the “Bryant bubble” with your family can be a great way to escape from midterm stress and just relax a little.

Whatever you do this weekend, make sure you show your ‘rents a good time. Mom and Dad are the ones making this Bryant experience possible for you, so the least you can do is help make their weekend memorable.